"Bill Andrew Quinn's performance mingles wisdom with humor. His voice oozes enough charm to melt steel, and it seethes with controlled rage of the African-American man in his daily dealing with racists."
    -- AudioFile, on Mr. Quinn's narration of "Fearless Jones" by Walter Mosley for BBC Audio.

"Bill Andrew Quinn's friendly voice hooks the listener immediately. His appealing approach transforms panic into playfulness."
    -- AudioFile, on Mr. Quinn's narration of "Thieve's Paradise" by Eric Jerome Dickey for BBC Audio.

" Bill Quinn's narration is smooth and sonorous ... poised and patient, and he manages to avoid sounding exasperated at the examples of young employees' antics on the job."
     -- AudioFile, on Mr. Quinn's narration of "Not Everyone Gets A Trophy" by Bruce Tulgan for Audible.com
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